Meet Mary

I'm fighting for Rochester. Will you join me?

This campaign is about bringing people together around a real progressive agenda for Rochester. I will not compromise on integrity and I will fight tirelessly for justice and for a better city for all of us. I have made serving the community my life and I need your help so that I can reach more people as a city councilwoman and have more ability to affect change. 

Who am I?

Hughpien Family

  • I'm a mom and step-mom to two wonderful 6-year-old girls
  • I'm a Community Organizer with Mothers Out Front, a group mobilizing to preserve a livable climate for our children
  • I'm a substitute teacher in the Rochester City School District
  • I'm a resident of the Beechwood neighborhood
  • I'm a member of the Little Flower Community where my family and I have chosen live cooperatively with others who are working toward a more sustainable way of living focused on building community with our neighbors.
  • I'm a volunteer and former Program Director at St. Peter's Kitchen where I advocate for our guests and work in our community garden that I began.  

For over 10 years, I’ve had the privilege to live and work in Rochester neighborhoods suffering from poverty and institutional racism.  This experience has transformed me and changed my focus from charity to justice. I have seen what the system looks like from the inside and from that perspective I can see the barriers to success that are lying in the way of people working to reach their full potential.  I have many strong connections in the community and relationships with people and organizations on the ground doing the work who have ideas that we need to be listening to.  

I became very politically active in the 2016 Presidential Primaries and I have channeled that enthusiasm into local politics. I've realized that if we want to live in a Democracy, we need to participate in it.  Now more than ever I want to spread that inspiration and convince more people to get involved in the political process by voting, supporting and recruiting candidates and running themselves!