Meet Mary


Mary Lupien is an active member of the Rochester community. Through her work as a Rochester city school teacher, mother to two 6 year olds, and dedicated activist, she has come to understand the complex issues which drive the need for change in our city.

Mary believes that Rochesterians deserve a city council member who represents them. She knows the struggles of local families and hopes to work together with all members of the community to combat the issues that are holding Rochester back from realizing its true potential.

By listening to her fellow citizens, Mary Lupien will be a city council member who fights for what the people want. Transportation and stagnant wages are just a few of the things she is eager to to improve upon. She believes there is a path to a brighter future for all of Rochester’s neighborhoods, and that it's time for our diverse communities to come together and walk that path.

More about Mary
  • I'm a mother and step-mother to two wonderful 6-year-old girls

  • I'm a Community Organizer with Mothers Out Front, a group mobilizing to preserve a livable climate for our children

  • I'm a substitute teacher in the Rochester City School District

  • I'm a resident of the Beechwood neighborhood

  • I'm a member of the Little Flower Community which means my family and I live cooperatively with our neighbors. Together, we are working toward a more sustainable way of living.

  • I'm a volunteer and former Program Director at St. Peter's Kitchen where I advocate for our guests and work in our community garden, which I helped found!

Mary's message to voters:

For over 10 years, I’ve had the privilege of living and working in Rochester’s neighborhoods. I've come to love this area of Upstate New York and I've formed close relationships with many of its diverse citizens. I consider this my home.

Through my time here, I've also come to realize some of Rochester’s flaws. I've seen the effects of poverty and I've heard first-hand accounts of the struggles families face in our city. I know that it isn't easy for the average person to achieve a sense of financial security and I want to work to help change that.

My fellow Rochesterians have deeply affected me and have led me to focus not just on short-term charity, but on long-term solutions to institutional problems. I believe we all deserve to live in a community where “liberty and justice for all” is an attainable standard.

I believe that we need to work together to change our community for the better. We need to change the systematic problems that are working as barriers to success for many members of our great city. If elected as a member of city council, I promise to do whatever I can to break down these barriers and support people as they strive to reach their full potential.

I also wish to continue building strong connections in the community I call home. I believe in the power of our people and fully support organizations doing the work on the ground to change our city for the better.

I became a politically active person during the 2016 Presidential Primaries. Following the election, I decided to channel that enthusiasm into local politics. My motto is, “If we want to live in a Democracy, we need to participate in it.”  Now more than ever, I want to spread my own enthusiasm for the political process and encourage more people to get involved in it. If you want to see positive change-- both locally and in broader contexts-- recruit, support, and VOTE for candidates who share your values! If you're struggling to find someone to vote for, consider running for office yourself!