• Our Revolution                                       

“Mary Lupien understands through firsthand experience that the status quo isn’t working for the families of Rochester, and her campaign offers progressive solutions to lift up workers and expand opportunity. Mary’s passion for and experience in advocating for the marginalized communities and raising awareness about climate change will make her a powerful voice for justice and fairness in the Rochester City Council.” --Shannon Jackson, Our Revolution Executive Director.


"Through her work as a bilingual city school teacher, a leader at St. Peter’s Soup Kitchen, and as an activist and leader for Bernie Sanders in Western New York, Mary is emblematic of our ideals and has shown she is committed to the hard work of fighting inequality in our community,” --Jesse Lenney, Upstate Political Director for the Working Families Party of New York.


"It's time to elect bold progressive leaders committed to fighting for equity and justice. When 52% of our children live in poverty, many extreme poverty, and less than 48% of students graduate on time, status quo simply isn't good enough. We need to change the face of power in Rochester and Monroe County.

Mary Lupien is a substitute teacher, climate activist, and former Bernie delegate. She is running on a platform of transit equity, connected neighborhoods, and green jobs." --Ravi Mangla, ROCitizen Co-Director



"The ATU representing Bus Operators, Maintenance and Office workers at Regional Transit Service (RTS) is hereby endorsing Mary Lupien for Rochester City Council.  Her vast community service and dedication to the Rochester Community is the type of leadership needed on City Council" -- Jacques Chapman, President


"Rochester NOW endorses Mary Lupien for city council because of her support for Out priorities which are winning economic equality and securing it with an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will guarantee equal rights for women; championing reproductive rights and freedom and other women’s health issues; opposing racism; fighting bigotry against the LGBTQIA community; and ending violence against women." --Jaclyn Richards, President Greater Rochester NOW


"Lupien, who lives in the Beechwood neighborhood, has a solid grasp of the issues facing the city and is realistic about what Council can actually do. As an organizer with the climate-action advocacy group Mothers Out Front, she’s reached out to Council members to advocate for community choice aggregation, CCA, in which the city could help secure renewable electricity for residents and small businesses to purchase."




"Mary Lupien is running for Rochester City Council and has been endorsed by our chapter Rocitizen.  She is running against a good-sized field of candidates including establishment candidates and incumbents.  Candidates who win the primary generally go on to win in November.  Her chapter submitted the following statement of support for her:   Mary Lupien was a delegate candidate for Bernie Sanders and a lead organizer for the Monroe County for Bernie Sanders. She was inspired by Bernie's call to run for office. She has around 40 regular volunteers, obtained double the minimum of petition signatures, has raised around $15k from small donors (average donation $43), and has a very strong ground game. She is well-known in the community, works in the RCSD as a substitute bilingual teacher, and works tirelessly to build coalitions. She is a true progressive on the issues. Mary's win would send a strong message to the local establishment and would be a victory for progressives.  She was recently endorsed by Our Revolution."



Community Figures


  • Zephyr Teachout, New York Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Candidate, 2014; New York 19th District Democratic received_10102372037744385.jpegCandidate, 2016

"I am endorsing Mary Lupien for Rochester City Council because I know Mary will fight for the people she represents against big money and corporate interests. Rochester needs leaders who understand the challenges of its most vulnerable residents so that tangible, responsive progress can be made in the fight for social, economic, and environmental justice. It is time to have Mary on City Council where she can continue fighting for Rochesterians on a progressive platform that includes efforts to improve schools and public transportation and lifting more citizens out of poverty. The importance of local elections and the need for more women in politics can not be underestimated. Together, we will take our country back city by city, race by race, until the America we see with our hearts becomes the America we can see with our eyes."



  •   Carolee Conklin, Sitting Rochester City Council Member, At Large, 2005-Present   


"Rochester needs new voices - smart, independent, and thoughtful voices - and Mary leads the way in a new generation of city leaders. I have put my heart and soul into my work with Rochester City Council for many years, and I trust Mary to Carry on in a way that I know will make me proud."






  •   Bill Benet, Monroe County Legislator, 1977-2005

“The Democratic Party desperately needs to shift away from catering to corporations and return to its roots: serving workers, protecting the environment, and fighting back against special interests,” said Benet. “Progressive leaders like Mary are the party’s future, and we need more voices like hers among our city’s leadership. I’m proud to support her campaign.”

  •  Tara Mosley-Samples, City Councilwoman, Akron, Ohio

"If you would like to see change in your community, neighborhood and the entire City of Rochester from someone who genuinely cares about her community and someone who will fight for you everyday, then Mary Lupiene is your person. I encourage you all to support and vote for Mary! If you want the change you desire and deserve, I respectfully ask for your vote for Mary Lupien. If Mary wins, YOU win!

  • Thomas Privitere, Community Activist

  • Bess Watts, Community Activist

  • Peter House, Local Musician, Minister

  • Richard Glaser, Rochester Entrepreneur

  • Shirley Thompson, Former School Board President, Community Activist
"I am pleased to whole-heartedly endorse Mary Lupien for City Council. I've known Mary since we volunteered together on the Bernie Sanders campaign, and my admiration and respect for her have only grown with time. As a City Council member, she would bring intelligence, honesty, compassion, and a spirit of collaboration to her work. These are attributes that are needed in any group of people charged with working on behalf of the common good.

I served on the school board of the Rochester City School District for eight years, and was involved in local politics even longer. I've observed the self-serving, egotistical behavior too many of our elected officials have engaged in, and our community has, unfortunately, paid the price.

Mary would be a breath of fresh air. If enough people of her caliber are elected, we stand a chance of creating the city we all deserve. If you want to know more about Mary, check out her TEDx talk. She's the real deal."

  •  Lisa Barker, Urban Gardening Activist

  • Charles "Buddy" Granston, Retired Union Worker



"Mary Lupien is the kind of person I would like running the city where I spend a lot of my life.  She cares about the welfare of people and of nature on which our lives depend. She speaks from the heart yet is open to reason and listens carefully to many voices. She is well-informed, actively seeking to learn and to share what she learns for the benefit of our community." 

  •  Linda Isaacson Fedele, Environmental Activist 

"Mary Lupien's values guide her goals and activities. And her values are those that so many of us share: equality for all, clean air & water and a transition from fossil fuels to renewables, a community where people care for each other and for our spot on the Earth. Mary has endless energy and a positive outlook. If given the chance, Mary will infuse City Council with a "can do" spirit-- the determination to truly address poverty and racism, and to address carbon emissions and the impact of climate change. She's got the skills to do the real work behind the scenes (analysis of causes, strategizing most effective actions, pounding the pavement or whatever needs doing), as well as to be a compelling spokesperson for why change needs to happen. Mary Lupien for City Council!"

  •  Ndaharo Faziri, Refugee Activist

"I would like to let everyone know that if we would like to see change in our community, neighborhood and the entire city of Rochester from someone who care and have passion to make change then give her your VOTE. I have known Mary Lupiene for about two years now, but I knew her through her every day community involvement. One thing that know from her that should be important to every resident of Rochester to give her a VOTE is that she CARE for the community than playing political game to just seat in the office. If we are all on the same page for bringing change in Rochester and neighboring cities then take the first step to give her your VOTE and make a call to friends and relatives let them know how it is important to vote for her."

  • Paul Kingsley,  MCDC committee member, 24th Legislative District

"Mary has shown impressive understanding of the issues our city faces, and established a campaign committee, recruited volunteers, and raised significant funds for her run. She has the drive and the skills to run a successful campaign, and serve our city, serve us, with distinction. Reading her platform and speaking with her at length shows significant thought and prioritization that goes above and beyond the standard jobs/education/development/safety mantra we are used to. For example, Mary’s focus on transportation issues that inhibit many of our citizens from getting to their jobs and running errands, shows her unique background and experience will help her serve city residents. Mary currently serves her community in many ways, and will bring an empathy and understanding from that service to the City Council. I urge you to read Mary’s platform, and contact her campaign. Consider not only voting for Mary, but joining her grassroots campaign, donating time and other resources, as you are able. The way to win election to city council is by winning on primary day in September, and you do that by getting people out to vote. Please help her do that. We need her voice representing us on Rochester’s City Council."