"Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, 

are men who want crops without plowing up the ground." —Frederick Douglass

Mary Lupien
Vice President, Rochester City Council
East District Representative

Our community has made it clear they are committed to the work of creating a more equitable city, even when confronted with unprecedented challenges in housing, violence, mental health, and substance abuse. 
We must continue to confront the status quo and seek bold, innovative policies and transformational projects that will serve all residents and not only those with power, money, and influence. 

Upcoming Campaign Events

St. Patty's Petition Signing & Pick up

March 11th 11:30-1pm

HELP us collect signatures to get on the ballot for the June 27th Primary!

✅ Swing by Fattey's Beer Co. - 60 Adventure Place

✅ Sign YOUR name if you live in the East Dist.

✅ Pick up a walk list to help us collect signatures from East Dist. Dems!

Petition Signing & Pick Up

March 1st 6-7:30pm

HELP us collect signatures to get on the ballot for the June 27th Primary!

✅ Swing by Fattey's Beer Co. - 60 Adventure Place

✅ Sign YOUR name if you live in the East Dist.

✅ Pick up a walk list to help us collect signatures from East Dist. Dems!

Lupien Announces Re-election bid

During her announcement, Lupien outlined policies aimed at addressing the pain and trauma of the city’s residents, especially its children. She highlighted first term achievements such as working with Council colleagues to create and expand the Person In Crisis team and support the Advance Peace Peacemaker Fellowship. However, she also pointed to work to be done in funding community mental health, housing, workforce development, overdose prevention, and youth programming. 

Recent Events

Rochester Elected Officials, Community Groups: Pass NY Public Banking Act

Elected Officials gathered to call on Albany to Pass the NY Public Banking Act March 3rd. In the public bank model, banking and credit become public utilities, sustaining the economy rather than extracting from it for private gain. The interest and profits generated by the bank belong to the community, and they are returned to the community because they operate in the public interest by law. That means they must support a real, wealth-building economy.

Rochester leaders urge New York lawmakers to pass the All-Electric Building Act

If passed, the All-Electric Building Act would prioritize the construction of all-electric buildings, making them more cost-effective and health-conscious while providing more local job opportunities.

"It will create over 200,000 jobs by 2040, by building to higher efficiency standards and using building science we can provide affordable reliable heating, air conditioning, and hot water for all New Yorkers," said Ryan Puckett from Home Energy BPCA.

Metro Justice Annual Meeting Keynote Address

Metro Justice's strength comes from their members, the annual meeting helps shape this year's direction! Hear reports from campaigns, approve the 2023 budget, and elect a new Metro Justice Council as well as hear from this year's Keynote Speaker, Rochester City Council VP Mary Lupien.

Mental Health Crisis Response:
How Has It Changed Since Daniel Prude's Death?

Rochester's Person In Crisis (PIC) Team was created to handle Mental Health 911 calls in the wake of Daniel Prude’s death at the hands of the police. Hear from insiders and knowledgeable outsiders to find out how PIC works. 

Forum on 24/7 Bathroom Access

Panelists from Rochester, Fairport, and Portland discuss the importance of restroom access. Whether it's the desperate parents of a toddler, a morning jogger, or one of our houseless community members, having public restrooms available 24/7 is a basic human dignity and it will increase the quality of life for all downtown residents and visitors. 

Campaign for a Public Utility 

Metro Justice and Rochester City Council Vice President Mary Lupien hosted Rochester for Energy Democracy Town Hall meeting to share frustrations with RG&E and to learn what steps City Council can take to replace RG&E with a community-owned utility that will be more affordable, accountable, and climate-conscious.

Panel on Public Safety, Route Fifty Future Cities Summit

A panel discussion exploring what the future of cities could look like with innovative, equitable policymaking. 

Rochester City Council Vice President Mary Lupien participated in a panel discussion on public safety at the Route Fifty Future Cities Summit.

Op-Ed: New York Can Lead in Reimagining Public Safety. Here’s How.

Rochester City Council Vice President Mary Lupien and New York City Councilmember Shahana Hanif co-authored an op-ed for Next City.

"The safest communities are not those with the most police; they are the ones with the most resources."