Running in the Open

follow-me_1_.jpg“Do as I’m doing. Follow, follow me.” It’s a game I play with my 3-year-olds in the Early Pre-K classroom where I’ve been substitute teaching for the last 6 weeks.  And that’s what I want you to do, follow me and do as I’m doing.  I’ve started this blog so that I can share what I’m learning about the process of running for office to light the way for others who are doing great work in the community to take the leap and become candidates for local office.

Two years ago, if you’d have asked me if I would run for Rochester City Council one day, I’d have said “Me?  No way!”  I’ve always voted, but I never really thought that my vote mattered.  I didn’t pay much attention to local politics and didn’t really know who the candidates were. 

Then came Bernie.  Finally, a candidate that was saying the things that were in my heart. He wasn’t afraid to speak truth to power and he had 40 years of proof that he was the real deal.  I threw myself into that campaign and through my work realized how important our vote truly is.  That, in order to live in a Democracy, we need to participate. If we passionately desire change, then we must BE the change and for me, that meant to run for office.

I’ve been active in the community for the last 10 years or so and as an activist, it’s very easy to see issues and people as “black” or “white”.  The biggest difference I found once getting into politics is that it isn’t that easy.  Things aren’t usually black or white, but are shades of grey.  People can be both good and bad and issues always have another side to them.  The challenge is finding the truth that lies between.  

In future posts, I’ll get into details of the process of running for office and my own experiences.  So, think about it.  Maybe you’ll want to follow me down this path someday and help shape the direction and priorities of our community!

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