Platform for a Progressive Movement

Mary Lupien for Rochester City Council Campaign endorse The Platform for a Progressive Movement

The Platform is organized as an ongoing initiative to unite the efforts and vision of progressive groups in Rochester and Monroe County, bringing progressive policies to the forefront of electoral and legislative agendas and progressive actions to the forefront of public engagement.  The Platform is a statement of commitment to support the overall vision of a progressive movement through the specific efforts of local progressive groups. The Platform works to demonstrate the collective strength of a united progressive coalition.

  • Economic Equality
  • A Sustainable and Livable Environment
  • Healthcare for All
  • Better Housing and Development
  • Policing and Criminal Justice Reform
  • Inclusive and Accessible Education for All
  • Election Reform
  • Ending the War on Black Lives
  • Support for the LGBTQ Community
  • Welcoming Immigrants and Refugees
  • Nurturing Children and Youth
  • Equity for All