Parcel 5

Parcel 5 is part of the former Midtown lot downtown that has yet to be developed.  There have been many proposals from casino to highrise condos to a performing arts center.  The proposal I support is keeping the space open as a real public square, such as we don't have in Rochester.  We can look to successful examples like Klyde Warren Park in Dallas which has diverse programming and the Visionary Square proposal submitted to the mayor which includes green space as well as small business development. I think we can find a balance of using Parcel 5 as a space to encourage community and increase the quality of life and property values downtown.  

The view from the center of the lot is incomparable.  No where else in our city is it open enough to see how beautiful our city really is.  This lot has the power to transform life downtown and our image as a city!  #MakeParcel5GreatAgain