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Our homes. Our streets. Our future.

We are fighting for a thriving, livable city where all have stable, quality and affordable homes, where police are held accountable by the communities they serve, and where walkable, bikeable streets and fantastic public transportation connects us to our work, schools, and families while creating a more sustainable future.

These are the issues that matter the most to me because these are the issues that matter to my East District neighbors. It’s my privilege to have earned the trust of my community, partners, and fellow activists to carry forward our shared vision of a better Rochester for All. This will not be an easy fight but it is a fight we will win, Together.

In strength and solidarity, Mary


Stable, quality, affordable homes for all 

Too many Rochester families are burdened by the same unmet human right: stable, quality, affordable homes. Solving the housing crisis is our city’s strongest defense against the generational poverty that determines our children’s fate from the moment they’re born. We must turn up the pressure on city officials, negligent landlords, and developers to immediately address the unsafe living conditions, rising rents, and displacement of families due to rapidly changing neighborhoods. 

Police held accountable by the people they serve

Rochester Police are not being held accountable for abiding by the laws that they are responsible for enforcing. Children of color in particular, who already face an uphill battle due to poverty and failing schools, are unfairly targeted due to racial profiling and punished severely for minor infractions that children from wealthier suburbs are not. Only an independent, community-led Police Accountability Board with the ability to subpoena evidence and to enforce disciplinary measures will be able to hold our law enforcement officers to a higher standard, ensuring that Rochester is safer for all and a place where equity and justice prevail. 

Walkable, bikeable streets and expanded public transportation 

When bus routes are cut, more of our citizens become further isolated from work, school, healthcare, grocery stores, childcare and recreation. We have longer waits and fewer options for affordable commutes. Our city streets and public transportation system should strengthen our connections to family, friends, and vital services.  Reliable public transportation and streets that are designed for walking and biking reduce our carbon footprint and create a more sustainable future for all. 


“We are one, our cause is one and we must work together if we are to succeed.” - Frederick Douglass