About the Campaign

Our Mission:

"Let's work together using relationship and understanding to build strong communities rooted in justice and equity in Rochester. " --Mary Lupien

This campaign is about working towards economic justice, environmental justice and social equity in Rochester by seeking innovative and forward-thinking solutions from the community and by working together to grow a network of strong, vibrant and connected neighborhoods.

Core Values:

This campaign operates by five core values which guide everything we do.

  • Justice: We strive for fairness and equity in all things.
  • Respect: We actively listen, seek to understand others, and practice compassion.
  • Inclusion: We are committed to reflecting the diverse communities and families in our city. We care about and value all groups and perspectives.
  • Integrity: We are committed holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards and being accountable in all aspects of our work.
  • Cooperation: We believe that by breaking down walls and working together, we are stronger. As Frederick Douglass said, “We are one, our cause is one and we must work together if we are to succeed.”

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