Climate Change

We need to mobilize as individuals, businesses and at all levels of government to fight the climate crisis at hand.  However, this crisis can also be an opportunity. We can come together across our divides to stop climate change in it's tracks while growing our renewable energy economy and reducing energy costs.

Below are some ideas on how we can be a lead the nation as a green city!

  • Continue and expand partnerships with colleges to provide green job training
  • Extend more financial incentives to homeowners who install solar panels
  • Build community solar micro-grids which allows those who can't afford solar panels or those who rent to buy a portion of a solar panel located in the community
  • Spearhead creative financing options like on-bill financing where the customer pays back a low interest loan from the utility company for solar, geothermal or home energy efficiency upgrades using their energy savings!
  • Build a municipal offshore wind farm 15 miles off shore in Lake Ontario
  • Take a stand against the explosive Bakken oil trains that cut through our city
  • Transition the Kodak coal plant to renewable energy generation instead of the planned $75 million investment to transition to natural gas
  • Enact Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) which enables the city to pool all energy customers to buy renewable energy and bargain for cheaper prices