Our Platform

We must focus on creating a vibrant city where people want to live, work, shop and raise a family.  To do this we need to improve the basic building blocks of a strong and sustainable community which are stronger neighborhoods, better transportation and living-wage jobs.

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Strengthening Neighborhoods
  • Enriched Neighborhood Schools
  • Neighborhood-Initiated Solutions
  • Community-Oriented Policing
Improving Transportation
  • Safer Streets for Walking and Biking
  • Re-imagining Public Transportation
  • Improved Accessibility
Living-Wage Jobs
  • Expand Youth Employment
  • Support for Small Businesses
  • Renewable Energy Jobs


“We are one, our cause is one and we must work together if we are to succeed.” - Frederick Douglass

Strong, Vibrant & Connected Neighborhoods

We will work towards economic justice, environmental justice and social justice in Rochester by seeking innovative and forward-thinking solutions and by working together to grow a network of strong, vibrant and connected neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Initiated Solutions

We must prioritize holistic neighborhood solutions that stem from the community and involve the community in the decision making process

Community Oriented Policing
Enriched Neighborhood Schools

Improved Transportation

Transportation is not a sidecar to development, but the driving force that will move Rochester forward!  We need to create a more vibrant and livable city to attract people and businesses who want to live here.

 Mobility is a Human Right

"How to get from here to there" is a question central to our everyday life.  For those of us that do not have a car, finding the answer to that question can be complicated, stressful and may mean hours out of our day - if the trip is even possible at all.

We need to increase access to services and the quality of life for our residents by helping people get:

  • from home to a grocery store with lower prices and more selection
  • to a safe place to for children to play
  • to the doctor's office
  • from unemployed to employed
  • from low wage job to a living wage job

No one should have to limit their life choices because of a lack of transportation options!

Transportation as a Driving Force for Development

Vibrant cities are filled with pedestrians, bikers and public transit. Improving mobility is a critical piece improve the quality of life for our residents and making Rochester a place where people WANT to live and work.  This is the spark that will attract jobs and new residents to our city! 

  • Better public transportation that is fast & reliable with satellite transfer stations
  • Coordinated ride-sharing
  • Work with employers to come up with transportation solutions to allow more city residents to access jobs
  • Design infrastructure that makes walking and biking a safe and predictable experience
Fighting Climate Change

The Future must be green to sustain life on this planet and we will need to rely less on personal vehicles. By designing our streets for all modes of transportation not just cars, we enable more residents make the choice to leave their car behind.  The Complete Streets model shows us how we can give walkers and bicyclists a safer and more predictable experience.    

Connecting people to Living-Wage Jobs

Focusing on job creation and working with organizations in the community to:

Expand Youth Employment

Expand the youth employment efforts to fund year-round positions in the community that engage youth as leaders such as organizations like Teen Empowerment who have a successful model to engage and employ youth to be leaders and to organize their peers around important issues. 

Attract Renewable Energy Jobs

The future is green. It must be in order to sustain life on our planet. Rochester is uniquely positioned to support a thriving renewable energy economy with solar, wind, bio gas and bio plastic manufacturing. Promising investments in Photonics and RIT’s recent 70 million award to lead a clean manufacturing consortium are drawing attention to our city that was built on innovation. We have the infrastructure to support these new efforts, and strengthening our neighborhoods will create a vital atmosphere that these companies are looking move into and will encourage additional outside investment, creating steady job growth.

Support Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of a healthy, diverse economy. When small businesses thrive, the community thrives because our dollars are kept in the community and jobs are located where people live. Targeting support for women business owners and business owners of color moves the needle towards racial and gender equity and opens the door to more businesses opening in struggling neighborhoods where poverty is concentrated. 

LGBT Equality

We support the rights of all LGBTQIA+ Rochesterians to live with dignity and to the fullest expression of their identity. We will fight to protect and expand those rights. Our City government has already taken many forward-thinking steps on issues of sexuality and gender, but there is still more work to be done. We need a voice on City Council that is in touch with this community, that can listen to LGBT Rochesterians' concerns and advocate for supportive and inclusive City policies.

Local Food & Agriculture

Food is abundant in and around the City of Rochester. There is no excuse for hunger and malnutrition. Local food and agriculture policy can put the power of food security and health in the hands of the people, empowering them with knowledge and resources. How we practice agriculture has huge implications on climate change and encouraging local, sustainable, organic and community-grown food will have an immense positive impact on the City of Rochester and the world.

We support the establishment of an Office of Food Policy that will provide staffing for a Food Policy Council that will have it's main charge to end hunger and malnutrition in the City of Rochester. It will accomplish this goal by enacting policies to:

  1. Localize our food system and decentralize agriculture lands, production, and distribution. Support the creation of land trusts for urban farms and encourage public support for producer and consumer cooperatives, community kitchens, Community Supported Agriculture, urban agriculture, and community farms and gardens.
  2. Support the re-zoning of vacant land in the City of Rochester to allow for urban agriculture. Make city owned land available at reasonable rates to people who want to garden or do commercial urban food production.
  3. Establish a City food policy that gives preference to the purchase of healthy, local, sustainably produced foods at city events and in city-run institutions.
  4. Collect municipal food/yard waste so that the City of Rochester can distribute compost that is suitable for use in growing food in urban gardens and has the benefit of removing the greenhouse gas carbon from the atmosphere and putting it in the soil.
  5. Promote, support and preserve community gardens in the City of Rochester and at it's institutions.Create a City policy that recognizes gardens for the positive impact they have on a neighborhood with due process for warning gardens that the City intends to take for other uses and allows gardeners to defend their use of the land.
  6. Support the work of programs that train youth at city schools and in the community.
  7. Support the efforts of Foodlink NY to source emergency food supplies from area farms and gardens and to use its infrastructure to facilitate the flow of food into the city.
  8. Increase the resources of the City Recreation Department and Horticulturalist to support community gardens through workshops, supplies and mutual support.